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BYO Reusable Coffee Cup

If you empty your office bin only to find it stacked to the hilt with paper coffee cups, you should consider buying yourself a silicone BYO Coffee Cup.

These BYO Coffee Cups are a clever take on the paper disposable coffee cups that cafes use for take-away coffees. Unlike these disposable coffee cups which have a polymer lining, meaning they will never decompose, you can use the silicone BYO Coffee Cup over and over.

Made from silicone, the cups can withstand 200ºC heat and are more or less indestructible. With a clever shape that resembles the paper cups you are familiar with, this cup is firm, flexible, light-weight and will be a talking point next time you are at your local cafe.

The re-usable coffee cups are available in one size;  12oz and come in a range of colours from aqua, chocolate, black, red, purple and olive green.

The cups have a 'break even point' which is the point where the silicone cup becomes more environmentally friendly than the disposable paper cup. The longer you use it, the greater the environmental benefits:

*** "Research tells us it takes 0.55MJ on average to make a regular paper cup*.  In comparison, the equivalent grams of silicone produced use 1.24MJ of energy**

Given these measures, and allowing for weight, the BYO Coffee Cup breaks even after 10 uses."

* Hocking, Martin B ‘Reusable and Disposable Cups: An Energy-Based Evaluation’. Environmental Management 18(6) 1994.

** Prof. Ian Boustead. Nov 2002 ‘Eco-Profiles of Silicones’

It is understood that one day your BYO Coffee Cup may reach the end of its life. Luckily, it can be returned and will be sent to a silicone recycle plant, based in India, who will use the cups to make charity bracelets and key rings. The longer you use your cup, the greater it's environmental benefit.

For more information, photographs or to Buy Yourself a BYO Coffee Cup, visit The General Gift Store Online Gift Shop today.

Get your BYO Resuable Coffee Cup today and do your bit for the environment.

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