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Beach Cards
Gift Cards for Beach People

Beach Cards are the new blank cards for beach people with photos taken in Western Australiafor those who love the coast, the surf, fishing and the beautiful beaches it has to offer. The cards are sorted into special categories to ensure there is a pack that appeals to everyone:

'The Surfer's Pack' is a four pack of beach cards with various old surfboard and fin shots for lovers of surf memorabilia, surfing, the beach and surfboard design.

The 'Sand in my Pockets pack'  is for the dreamy lover of the ocean. It's for the beachcomber and shell collectors amongst us. The 'Sand in my Pockets pack' will have you reminiscing of Summer and easy times when the days are long, the nights balmy, when you had not a care in the world. This is a three card pack with envelopes included. The cards are perfect, generic cards for birthdays, weddings, engagements and thank yous.

Finally 'The Island Life'' pack of four. These photographs were taken on the West Australian island Rottnest; a small wind-swept island off the coast of Perth which inhabits the Quokka. The quokka is a small rat / wallaby-like animal that is unique to the island. 'The Island Life pack' has familiar beach sites from the island such as the Wadjemup lighthouse, a blue bottle stinger and a crayfishing pot and crayfishing buoys so common on the island's shores. Any Perth boaty that has spent a weekend on Rottnest island or tourists that have visited this unique West Australian holiday spot will be familiar with these beautiful images.

These cards will remind you of the places you'd prefer to be right now. For me, right now these places are far away having an afternoon sleep on a hammock, a morning swim, going fishing, listening to the rain on a tin roof, lying in the sun, collecting shells, feeling surfed-out, having a freezing cold beer with peanuts... you get my drift... Ok, I know there's no substitute for the real thing, but if you can't be there, hopefully one of these cards to look at or give to a friend will suffice.

Buy a pack of Beach Cards to send to your friends and you too can appreciate the beauty of WA.


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