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Banana Case

The banana lunch box - no more squashed bananas!

Are you sick and tired of arriving at work to find your banana squashed, bruised and brown? or worse still finding bananas squashed in your kids' school bags? These great banana cases allow for safe banana storage where ever you may be. Keep it in the car, your handbag, the kids' school bags and your banana will be transported safely allowing for a fresh and un-squashed banana once you are ready to eat.

This Banana Case is large and is designed to accommodate most banana shapes and sizes. There is no guarantee that every size and shape will fit (especially in Western Australia where we are blessed with the giant Carnarvan bananas) but there will be few instances where the case is too small. The case is easy to clean, allows for banana ventilation and has a great locking device so the banana can't escape in transit.

The Banana Case is an innovative but also a some-what comical item to buy. You can be guaranteed that if you buy this banana storage device for a friend they will be overcome with laughter. It's fun and bright and a strangely obvious invention that it perfect for children but will also make a great gift for any adult with a great sense of humour, who likes an edgy product that is quirky and more than anything - unexpected.

Tips - how to open the Banana Case

If you're struggling to open the banana case with's the tip! Rather than trying to open from the central clasp, hold the clips on each end and unclip simultaneously. One end is decidedly more secure than the other, but this just prevents the case from opening in your bag at in opportune times.

Treat yourself to a Banana Case today and you will never eat a squashed banana again!

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